Dryers are available, but only low-temperature courses or wool courses are available.

After drying once, if the cotton is not 100% dried, pat it on and spread it out

If you dry naturally in the shade, you can dry it without cotton clumping.

🚫 If you dry it at high temperature for a long time, there is a possibility that the filler or product may be deformed.

🚫 Summer bedding cannot be used in a dryer as it can cause poor cooling function and fabric deformation.

In the case of the spray charging method, cotton that has been treated against clumping is used, but clumping may occur depending on washing or drying.

If you follow the guidance below, you can restore the lumped cotton.

1. Put about 4-5 bedding and washing balls in the washing machine with the right capacity for each size (see picture below) and operate as a blanket removing course

2. If there is no blanket removing course, turn off the water connected to the washing machine and run as a rinse course

3. If there is no washing ball, it can be replaced with socks folded in a round shape

1. Super Single (SS) over 20 kg / Queen, King (Q,K) over 24 kg / Super King (SK) & Topper over 30 kg Washing Machine & Dryer

It is recommended to put it in the bedding laundry net and wash it alone with wool course or blanket course with low-temperature water of 30 degrees or less using neutral detergent.

2. We recommend natural drying in a well-ventilated shade as much as possible, and use low-temperature drying for a short time when using a dryer.

🚫 Chlorine bleach and mixed washing may cause bleaching and discoloration, and may be deformed during high temperature washing and drying.

🚫 Long-term washing, strong washing, and high-temperature washing can cause product damage.

It is washed first, so you can use it right after receiving it.

However, in the case of products with sensitive skin or dyed dark colors, it is recommended to comply with the washing manual and use it after washing.

It is recommended to store it in a dust bag sent with bedding in a well-ventilated place.
🚫 Storage in a compressed bag may weaken the resilience of cotton

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